Christian Dating, Waiting, and Actually Following the Lord

Hello Guys, Tell me honestly. When a man says he wants to take things slow what does that mean? You know us women love to over complicate things and rethink everything Your thoughts?? Post Reply. In my case, if I say I want to take things slow, it really means I want to take things slow.

How to Take a Relationship Slow (And Why You Should)

For example, some people choose to be intimate right away, while others want to wait for an indefinite amount of time before moving their relationship to new levels. Another motivation for this approach is that your partner doesn’t want to ruin or rush the good thing you have going together. After all, many relationships that start off too fast can end up leading to heartache and heartbreak because you and your partner took major relationship steps before really getting to know each other.

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Love In His Image: 7 Rules for Christian Dating

We met at a Christian dance on New Year’s Eve. We became inseparable. We spent the next month glued at the hip.

Building trust in a slow and steady way involves establishing It’s a cliché in Christian circles that carries a great concept but comes with very established trust, and experienced give-and-take in your dating relationship.

Navigating through romantic relationships in a porn-filled, Tinder-loving, swipe-right culture is difficult enough for anyone. How much more for Christians who God calls to purity, peace and patience? But like anything in the Christian life; we have to think hard about what it looks like to pursue godliness in our use of them.

We have to think hard about how the Bible talks about relationships and marriage and then apply it in the context of online dating apps. So here are three cautions and three pieces of advice to help you do that. Behind your decision to follow Jesus, this could prove the single most influential decision on the rest of your life — one that will cause you to flourish or flounder in your faith.

There are misguided Christians out there. These differences may seem small. But imagine if one rail of a train track were out by a few degrees with the other one. Within a few miles, the train would derail itself. Over decades, what seem small differences in belief begin to grow into arguments, into full-blown differences in opinion about which church to go to, how to raise kids, whether to have kids ….

When your relationship moves on from messaging to meeting face-to-face, ask your date questions. But take the conversation beyond hobbies, mates and work.

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Emotional boundaries can be difficult to establish. If you were caught hugging longer than three seconds, your peers would call you out for having entered the realm of the inappropriate. Guarding your heart means protecting the deepest parts of who you are — both your emotional and spiritual worlds — from anyone who could cause them harm. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

Prayer is a time of exposing your heart and getting emotionally naked before the Lord. Talk about an intimate moment.

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What Does It Mean to “Take Things Slow?”

Texas pastor Matt Chandler and his wife, Lauren, advised Christian singles in their weekly video series to be honest as they date and trust God to help find the balance between covering up the past and revealing too much, too soon. The Village Church leader told singles it is a “good, right desire” to “guard your heart” in dating relationships, noting that the phrase comes from scripture. However he warned there is a fine line between taking it slow and being deceptive in order to win a person.

Chandler explained, “There’s a legitimacy to guarding our hearts but I think we can guard too much and we can guard to the place where then we almost become used car salesmen … what I’m trying to say is all we want to do is point to the best things and we don’t want to go, ‘now this has been an issue historically, or this. Lauren Chandler urged daters to consider what their hearts are centered on as they disclose information about themselves to a potential mate. Is it centered on gaining this person?

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How to take a relationship slow? A man who is relationship-ready, mature, confident and self-aware will also realize that good things come to those who wait. Finding out if your new guy subscribes to the same mantra can help you both keep a similar pace with reasonable and realistic expectations. Spending too much time together can create a false sense of comfort and cause you to overlook significant red-flag behavior, so make sure to take a couple of days between dates and check in with yourself to keep things in perspective.

Keep in mind, however, that some seemingly negative qualities are situational and may be irrelevant over time such as being unemployed ; but inherent personality traits are almost always unchangeable. Organizing group activities with your friends and his can be a great way for you to blend your lives in a natural way while providing an opportunity for you to observe how the two of you interact as a couple. In addition, seeing your new guy through the eyes of others who know him well can help you connect to why you like him in the first place.

These feelings are totally natural. But being honest with him will put his mind at ease and let him know you want the relationship to have clear communication. This could even encourage him to open up and feel more comfortable expressing how he feels about how the relationship is going. Waiting to sleep together until you have a stronger sense of who he is will better allow you to determine how you feel about the whole package.

Have Fun! Always remember that the right person will understand your desire to take things slowly and will appreciate the time to get to know you as well.

In defence of ‘taking it slow’

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My heart just can’t take it. If we’re going to do this, I want to do it right. 3. Sponsored: The best dating/relationships advice on.

According to studies by Match and Priceonomics, the average couple dates for a little over three years before getting engaged. First and foremost, if you feel like your relationship is progressing too quickly, you need to say something to the other person involved. When people are really into someone, they tend to want to see them as often as possible. You could suggest lowering it to two times a week.

Not only will this free up your time for the other people and commitments in your life, but it will be even more special when you two reconnect. Even if you do see yourself with this person in the long term, talking about the future can put a lot of pressure on you to make those things happen sooner than they actually would. Introducing them to your parents, taking them to a work function, having them sleep over all the time, buying a pet together — these are all examples of dating milestones you should try to avoid if you want to decelerate this relationship.

This is especially true if you meet someone special on a dating site and you message for weeks, getting to know each other before meeting up.

Getting to the Middle of a Relationship WAY Too Fast

Relationship But they succeed when there are many advisers. Find people you respect spiritually that knows you well and ask them their take on it. I think that will go a physical way to keep your motives in check. Dan Matlock.

Christian dating does not consist of casual dating, which is unbiblical. I am not saying that you can’t enter into a relationship, but take this into If you get into a relationship with an ungodly person they will slow you down.

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The Dating Den – How to Take a Relationship Slowly and Why It’s a Good Thing!